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🐕 Camping with your dog 🐕

Can you combine Peggy Peg and camping with your dog? In this blog post, we will talk about the development as well as benefits that come with our PeggyPet product line. So if you like to take your pet camping with you, should definitely keep reading. #campingwithyourdog 

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How do I properly secure my awning with Peggy Peg products?

Are the anchor plates necessary if I use the TieStraps to fix my awning? Or if I use the anchor plates, do I necessarily need the TieStraps? Two very good questions and a point where it might lead to some confusion to one or another. 
Thus, with this blog post, we wanted to bring some light into the darkness. 😉

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Who is behind Peggy Peg?
Who and what is Peggy Peg? Back to Basics In a poll on Socials a few people voted that they had never heard of a screw peg before and that they were unsure of their purpose. That's why we're going back...
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