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“We used our new Standard Pegs and the Aluminium Adaptor for the 1st time this Easter with our camper trailer and they were awesome. They were so fast and simple to use, I think they cut at least 30 minutes off our pack up time, the kids even had a go at taking them out! I would definitely recommend these to anyone who uses standard pegs for camping, they are strong and effortless.”

Rebecca (from Melbourne)

Product: Standard Peg – Pack of 12

Ordered the starter kit, with express post delivery option, at near COB Friday (16:05) and received Monday morning post in Country QLD. Drilled a std peg into our sandy soil going down only as far as the top of the thread. Held like it was welded to the ground! Thanks for your great service and product!

Bruce (from QLD Australia)

Product: Starterkit

Gone are the days of the hammer and pwg puller. Very happy with these pegs. I have just ordered the large plastic as well.

Shayne (from NSW Australia)

Product: Screw-in pegs Normal (N) • Pack of 12 (PP02) • tarps, tents, awnings, gazebos, etc

Used the standard pegs for the first time on my Avan awning – what a difference! No more hammering in of pegs & then struggling to pull them out. Easier on the knees too. Never going back to the old type.

John (from Australia)

Product: Screw-in pegs Normal (N) • Pack of 12 (PP02) • tarps, tents, awnings, gazebos, etc

these pegs are the best thing ever , I suffer from arthritis and because of that I struggle with hammering pegs in and pulling them out, not to mention having to pull them out after only one day, but these peggy pegs are so easy to put in and take out, no trouble at all for me and the stay in place no movment at all

I would recommend them to anyone and have already recommended them to a few people this past weekend I will be looking at other products from these guys as they have a great range and it all makes my camping experience that much more enjoyabl

Paul (from Australia)

Product: StarterKit incl. bag (PP03) • Complete Peg Pack 50 pegs ++

The Crocodile Clamp is a versatile piece of equipment if you are living under canvas, using a tarpaulin or using a caravan awning.
So good, I am going to order some more to use around our van

Chris (from NSW Australia)

Product: Crocodile PEGGY® blue • Pack of 4 (PP10) • Tarp Clamp


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How to use our Peggy Pegs?

Working with Peggy Peg for the first time you will be amazed about the possibilities of our concept. The different screw‐in pegs can be used according to the ground conditions.

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Even though the people were quite amused after launching of our bright orange but robust Peggy Peg, the fan community of our products is increasing daily. Happy Costumers all over the world share their positive experiences with our multifunctional Peggy Peg products. After only six years, the amount of sold Peggy N’s increased up to over one million!

The used material makes our product extremely light. The compressing thread makes the Peggy Peg suitable for soft, sandy but also for hard or stony grounds. Once the Peggy Peg grips even though it isn’t completely screwed into the ground it will hold and secure your camping equipment (sometimes pre drilling might be useful-especially in winter). The height adjustable clip enables the peg to be used in those areas.

Due to the different types of terrain which you can find all around the globe, we have developed different types of Peggy Pegs.