Why do we travel?

Why do we travel?

We want to invite you to read the first part of Marcus' journey travelling full-time in a motorhome with his family, in which he is answering the question he is being asked the most:

Why do we travel?

It’s a question we’ve been asked a lot over the last year having given up our so-called traditional life back in Wales and set off, along with our two small children, on a meandering adventure around Europe, into Africa and across to Asia. Just us and our trusty motorhome. 

There are many reasons, too many to fill these pages with now, but at the heart of the matter is an underlying desire to continually expand not only our own horizons, but those of our children. To open their eyes to a life of infinite possibility, to give them the opportunity to learn in a classroom without walls and allow them the freedom to grow in a world of endless discovery. 

In living this life, one that’s not without its hardships and challenges, we also hope to inspire other people to expand their own horizons, to venture into the unknown and seek out new destinations on their own travels. 


Because we are all creatures of habit, we have our safe, easy destinations that we like to travel to, places where we know what to expect, where to eat and what the local shops will stock. We might promise ourselves that next year we will look further afield, that we will try somewhere new, but when push comes to shove we err on the side of caution, we play it safe and stick with what we know. 

But in taking this approach, in failing to venture away from what’s familiar to us, we never discover anything new, and there’s a big world full of opportunity and adventure out there, waiting to be explored. Sure, we have to take a few risks along the way; we might not have such a great campsite at some point, or we could find ourselves in a supermarket where we can’t get our favourite tea bags or, worse still, get your motorhome stuck at the bottom of a gorge in Montenegro - but that’s a story for another day. In not taking the risks we forgo the chance of discovering something new, something exciting, something that makes us stop and go ‘wow’

And when all is said and done life is about creating memories, the sort that we will look back on in years to come with joy and amazement. We firmly believe that a life well lived should not be measured by the possessions we have collected, but rather by the experiences we’ve had and the people we’ve shared them with along the way. In order to do that we must be willing to open our minds to a world of never ending adventure, to be prepared to travel far and wide and to discover ourselves as much as the world around us. 

So, as we take you on our own ever evolving journey over the coming months, armed with every peg we need to ensure we can pitch our awning in even the most remote of locations, it is with the hope that you will be inspired to discover somewhere new for your next trip. In the meantime, if you have any questions about our life on the road, which our favourite Peggy Peg products are, which football team we support or simply want to follow our travels more closely, you can do so over on Instagram through @marcusleachglobal and @our.roaming.odyssey

Marcus is a husband, a father, an adventure athlete and an award winning writer travelling the world in their Bailey of Bristol motorhome with his wife Kim and his two kids.

Marcus and his family travelling