Why do Peggy Peg's have a hook?

Why do Peggy Peg's have a hook?

What is the reason that Peggy Peg's always come with a blue hook? 

The purpose of the hook: 

Talking to our customers made us realize that a lot of people are uncertain why we have the hooks and what their purpose is. 
The hooks are key to use our pegs in all different soil types.  

The Design of the hook

Our hooks come in two sizes. For our N and L pegs, we created N and L hooks
The L hook is also used for our Hardcore Peg. 
These hooks come in a blue colour and are made of polyamide reinforced with glass fibre, making them extra durable and lightweight.
All our pegs come in combination with hooks! However, if you might lose some, you are able to buy them in packs as single items as well. 

Every peg (except S and P&S) has rings above their thread. These rings give our pegs a height adjustable system. 
Our hooks are designed to click into the space between the rings of the pegs.
Looking onto the hook sideways, you can see that it is shaped upwards in the front.
This is to give you enough room to attach your guy ropes when clicking the hook closest to the ground as possible as mostly there is grass or sand blocking the access to the hook otherwise. 

This automatically also shows you what is top and bottom of the hook. 
The hook always has to point upwards.

Another indicator is the production stamp. You will find the stamp on the bottom of the hook, and it should therefore not be visible when clicking it onto the peg.

Here is how they work: 

  1. Slide the hook onto the Peggy Peg facing upwards.
  2. Hold the hook in place while you screw the Peggy Peg into the ground by hand or with an electric drill.
  3. As soon as the peg grips, stop screwing the peg. No matter how far the peg will stick out, as long as the thread is in the ground and grips, you can make use of the height adjustable system.
  4. Simply take the hook and place it to the lowest position possible and click it onto the peg. This allows you to set the leverage force, coming from your guy ropes and lines, to zero.

So why are they so important?

Our Peggy Pegs basically indicates when it grips, meaning that it does not have to fully go home. 
The hook not only holds your ropes in place, preventing it to slide upwards.
It also distributes the leverage force onto one single position which is closest to the ground, insuring that the force is always set to zero. 

The hooks also function as a reminder to make use of the height adjustable system. People easily forget and tend to try to screw the peg in all the way. 
However, depth alone does not indicate how securely your gear is attached to the ground.
The same can be said about exceeding the maximum torque of the peg. More force, doesn't mean more grip. 

It is more about making use of the system to make your camping experience even better because you don't have to worry about having to screw them all the way into the ground and with that you save up a lot of time.


Our advice is to simply always use the hooks even though you might not even attach guy ropes.  

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