Peggy Peg Tie Strap

Peggy Peg Australia


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Pack contains one Tie Strap, one 14cm heavy duty spring, and one Croc-Adapter


Length 1.5M to 3M.

Weight 190g.

The PP25 Tie Strap is an extra guy rope, or stay for Awnings, Gazebos; Tents; Tarps; Annexes; Wind Breaks, indeed anything that requires an extra guy rope.

The bright orange webbing strap is adjustable from 1.5m to 3 m, and comes supplied with a heavy duty spring, that acts like a shock absorber in the anchoring system.

The end fittings on the Tie Strap are similar to the normal blue rope clip supplied on the standard pegs (PP02) these clips allow the tie strap to be securely connected to normal Peggy peg (PP02) and the Croco-Adapter slips into any of the sail tracks or caravan awning rope tracks to give a secure fixing point.

The strap has a fast action buckle on the end, so that there are no loose ends to flying about, and if you find the strap flapping simply put a few twists in the strap, and it will sit quietly.

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