Peggy Peg Large Plastic Pegs - Pack of 2

Peggy Peg Australia


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Pack Contents: 2 Large Pegs, 2 blue rope clips


Length Overall 310mm
Length of Thread 190mm
Width of Thread 30mm
Width of head just below the hex head 25mm
Weight each 64g.
Torque 30Nm.

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The large screw in tent pegs are the ultimate ground anchor. At 310mm long and weighing in at 64g they are light weight and strong, manufactured with UV reinforced fibreglass allowing flexibility.  These large pegs are our best seller along with their aluminium brother.

The pegs are user friendly with the bright orange colour chosen to reduce the chance of loosing them.

They can be screwed in quickly with a cordless drill and the combo tool. You can also use the Combo tool to screw the pegs in by hand (sold separately).

Come pack up time the pegs can be screwed out easily allowing you to break camp quickly and move to your next destination.

The Large pegs are designed for maximum grip and hold well in all ground types but excel in sand and softer conditions where normal metal pegs just don’t hold.

The large pegs don’t need to be screwed all the way in, as with the other pegs, as long as the threaded part is underground it’s doing its job.

Simply move the adjustable blue rope clip close to the ground for best results.

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