Peggy Peg Large Blue Rope Clips - Pack of 4

Peggy Peg Australia


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Pack contains 4 large UV resistant Blue Rope Clips

Compatible with the Large Plastic and Aluminium Tent pegs and the Hardcore Tent pegs.

The Peggy Peg spare Blue Rope clips are made from the same UV resistant plastic that the tent pegs are made from giving maximum protection against the harsh Australian conditions.

The spare blue rope clips can be used as replacements for lost clips or in the unlikely event to replace broken clips.

They can also be used as a great addition to the clips provided in the Peggy Peg Screw in Tent Peg packs.

Having extra rope clips is a great way to maximize the use of your Peggy Pegs.

You can add as many rope clips to each pegs as you want so you can use one tent peg with multiple ropes is multiple directions.

Simply place the blue rope clip over the head of the Large Plastic Peg (or in the case of the standard peg on from the bottom prior to screwing it in).

And click it onto the peg’s shaft. Add as many clips as you need, just remember to click the clips onto the shaft of the peg as close to the ground as you can for maximum strength.

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