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The Peggy Peg “Fix & Go” is the ultimate piece of equipment for securing you Thule Omnistor, and Fiamma brand awning or annexes.

 The awning legs or annex tent poles fit directly into the well of the “Fix & Go” and secured in place by siding the one way release ratchet clips in place.

The system is designed to work with poles up to 25mm and can be either round or square. The Fix & Go plate allows for up to 6 standard Peggy Pegs or 4 standard and 2 large pegs to secure it to the ground.

Unlike normal tent pegs Peggy Pegs promote maximum holding in vertical movement due to the thread of the pegs as well as in a horizontal directions.

Used together with the Fix & Go, this allows for excellent security of your awning as well as piece of mind. So when the afternoon breeze picks up you can be happy that your awning legs will remain firmly on the ground.

 The Fix & Go kit really is a must need piece of equipment for all trailer tent, caravan and RV owners and especially those with the Thule Omnistor and Fiamma systems.

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