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Secure your Caravan Awning / Gazebo/ Aircraft/ anything with the new LDF Big Foot anchor plate - (new modified plate does not require washers, none supplied.)


In essence the Big Foot sits over the existing foot and allows you to screw in 3 large Plastic or Aluminium Peggy Pegs (sold separately), or indeed, and of the Peggy Peg range of pegs.

The Big Foot is laser cut from 2mm aluminium, and each leg of its triangular form is 200mm long meaning the 3 screw in pegs are 150mm apart, thus giving an incredibly big anchor base footprint.

The peg holes in the new Big Foot have been modified  - see photo with green background - to allow the full range of pegs to be screwed through, but to catch the head of the peg, thus eliminating the need for the washers - as seen in some of the photos (we will be removing these when we have better photos of the new plate - all photos welcome). 

The new plates allow any of our pegs (sold separately) to be used with the system, including:

PP02 – Standard peg

PP12 – Large plastic peg

PP13 – Large aluminium peg

HP 61 – Hardcore stubby aluminium peg

The Big Foot has been designed with a 70mm jaw, to slip over existing Gazebo and Caravan Awning feet. There is also a 10mm hole for inserting an eyebolt or shackle – or even a padlock as an emergency anchoring system for guy ropes etc.

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