Bar Keeper - XXL

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This is the’ Big-Brother’; or the ‘Heavy-Duty’ version of the other Barkeepers

Length, from 48-80cm, infinitely adjustable and spring loaded.

Diameter body 22mm, feet 27mm.

Weight 155g.

As with the others, the ‘sticky’ feet are manufactured from Thermo-Plastic Rubber (TPR) this rubber composition exhibits a much higher friction coefficient. Meaning it has very high slip resistance and so stays in place much better than other cheaper rubbers.

The XXL Barkeepers is only available in White

 All the Barkeepers are manufactured from aluminium, consequently they are light weight, and easy to use.

The inside of the Barkeeper is threaded so that the length is easily and infinitely adjusted by simply screwing one end out of the other.

The units incorporate a strong short-stroke spring that makes the Barkeeper easy to install and with the aid of the TPR feet, virtually guarantees that the unit will stay in place in the harshest of conditions.

 A further advantage of the aluminium construction is that the unit won’t rust when exposed to humidity in fridges, or in cupboards and drawers when your rig is near the beach, or in the tropics.

Typical uses are:

Drawers, be they in caravans, camper trailers, RVs, 4x4s, yachts, motor cruisers, super yachts, etc.

Fridges, be they upright, where items can be retained at the back of the individual shelves.

Chest fridges where bottles can be held to one side to prevent spilling, or meat trays prevented from falling over when something is temporarily removed for use – the milk, the wine, the sweet chilli sauce, whatever.

When travelling, optimising the quality of the foods in the fridge is paramount.

By installing a couple of Barkeepers, you can keep the heavy items away from the delicate fruit and veg, thus prolonging their shelf life, which is important when fresh supplies are scarce.


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