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No matter what aircraft you fly, it’s vitally important to keep it safe on the ground.

And to this end, we introduce the versatile Lock Down Fixings LDF (Aero) Big Foot.

Whilst the LDF Big Foot looks simple, it has a number of well thought-out features that make it unique, and a big asset when securing valuable equipment, like aeroplanes.

In common with Fly Ties, The Claw and Storm Force, we elect to spread the load over a wide area to maximise the holding power of the anchoring system.

Firstly by spreading the load over three anchor points at 15cm centres, the overall anchor footprint has an approx. pull-out diameter of 30 cm, to a depth of 30cm. thus giving an incredible secure tethering point to secure you aircraft. The plate has a 10mm hole approx. equidistant from the 3 peg points, where shackles or carbineer clips are deployed to securely tie down the aircraft.

The anchor plate has been precision cut by laser from 2 mm aluminium checker plate, as have the unique washers that allow the large threads on the big plastic or aluminium pegs to pass through the plate, but yet still catch the peg-head to firmly anchor the plate.

We offer a range of pegs that have been designed to give a firm hold in a variety of ground conditions, from really dense hard compacted rocky ground, to soft sand and even mud.

The unique washers allow any of our pegs (sold separately) to be used with the system, including:

PP02 – Standard peg

PP12 – Large plastic peg

PP13 – Large aluminium peg

HP 61 – Hardcore stubby aluminium peg

If any of the pegs cannot be driven or screwed fully home, it means that the peg is well secured, and ready to do its job, and by adjusting the standard blue clip to the lowest level, and clicking into place, it means that the LDF Big Foot can be secured at ground level.

To maximise the staying power of your tie-down, (or tent guy, or gazebo, or awning, etc.) we would always suggest that there is a spring in the system to act as a shock absorber that dissipates the instant energy in a sudden gusts of wind (willows bend and recover, strong oaks resist and break).

Any peg – ours or anyone else’s, even an ordinary metal tent peg will remain secure longer if shock loads are reduced / softened. We would always advise to have a spring in the system as shock absorbers. A simple heavy duty tent guy rope spring is sufficient, and is available if required.

The Peggy Peg range of pegs is used extensively in Europe and North America to secure a wide variety of aircraft whilst on the ground, including gliders/sail planes, single engine planes, twin engine planes, vintage planes, etc.

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