What peg should I use when I encounter the toughest grounds out there?

What peg should I use when I encounter the toughest grounds out there?

The Peg&Stop Heavy Duty Innovation in 2022

We are welcoming a new member to the Peggy Peg Hardcore line

In August, we launched a new screw peg at the largest camping and caravan show in the world, the Caravan Salon in Düsseldorf. In this blogpost, we will highlight the key facts around this screw peg, which is made from a material completely novel to the Peggy Peg range. 

The Peg&Stop Heavy Duty

You asked for it, we listened. Our Peggy screw pegs cover a wide variety of soil conditions. Especially, if the system of our height adjustable hooks is understood and applied correctly and in addition to that, it is possible to pre-drill a hole and then screw in our pegs.
If you are unsure how to use the height adjustable hooks correctly, please read one of our previous blogposts.
Yet, there were still these last 5% of the most extreme and toughest grounds (especially highly compacted, extremely hard and stony ground conditions) that couldn't be covered, even when using pre-drilling and/or the hooks, till NOW!

Innovation meets design

This peg combines not only our toughest material in the Peggy line yet, but also our thorough design ideas. To be honest, it also wouldn't be a Peggy Peg product if we wouldn't give it our own twist to upgrade the design and its compatibility. 
The screw peg is made from recycled marine grade stainless steel, making it extremely tough, saltwater resistant and impact driller proof!

The Innovation 

With the launch of the Peg&Stop HD, we also launched our newly designed lock nut 2.0! This lock nut is combining the system of our blue hooks from all orange pegs (N and L) and aluminium pegs (HC and LA) with the concept of our lock nuts (from the Peg&Stop line/ blue pegs). 
Generally, both Peggy's fulfil the same purpose:
If the screw peg doesn't go in all the way, but you can feel that it already grips, simply stop screwing and set the hook into the lowest position possible to set leverage force to zero when attaching guy ropes.
Or when wanting to apply counter pressure to a surface, mat or our anchor plates, twist the lock nut clockwise to do so. 
Due to this height-adjustable system, our Peggys never have to go in all the way.
The lock nut 2.0 has now six hooks, giving you the possibility to not only apply counter pressure to anchor plates and surfaces but also to attach your guy ropes of your tents, gazebos etc.

The Design

The new Peg&Stop screw peg is 20 cm long, just as our N peg, and comes in two versions. One is the blue polyamide version reinforced with fibre glass, the Peg&Stop (N) with the lock nut 1.0 (without the hooks) and the other one is the Peg&Stop (HD) made from recycled marine grade stainless steel as mentioned above.

So what are the essential differences?

Basically just the material and the soil type they can be used in! But remember, the strength of a tent peg never comes from their length or their material. The strength comes essentially from the design of the pegs' thread.
All our pegs (apart from S and HC) have a cutting and compressing thread, meaning that they can quickly find grip without needing to be drilled in completely. 
In comparison, most larger screws (bolts) only have a cutting and a very thin and long thread, meaning it is not compressing and griping in the soil but just cutting into it. 
Whereas, these bolts would not provide any grip in softer and wetter ground conditions, Peggy Pegs work wonders, and they can also be used in harder conditions of course. This and also the fact that a bolt always needs to be driven in completely, makes a Peggy Peg superior as it gives you a much broader variety of soils, they can be used in.

Fun fact: "The Peg&Stop N holds equally enough pulling force as the Peg&Stop HD does!"

We tested our argument on whether the material really doesn't matter with a peg, but just the design of the thread. As both pegs have the same thread length and design, it was super easy to test and compare this.
Both pegs equally withstand a very comparable vertical pulling force. 

What do we learn from this? It should merely depend on what ground you want to drill your pegs in and set up your camping gear!

And this also shows that the Peg&Stop Heavy Duty does not replace our other pegs!

  • For holding ground matting and carpets down, the thread might be too big and the peg itself too long. Refer here to our S pegs.
  • Depending on how loose the gravel is and what is underneath the loose stone layer, the HD might not find grip, but our Hardcore peg will!
  • In wet and frozen conditions, the polyamide has a big advantage to the metal as it is flexible, and it can store water/heat. This last point becomes important when drilling into frozen ground, as you can dip the pegs into hot water and then drill them more easily into the ground. Thus, we recommend using the N peg, Peg&Stop N or Peg&Stop S in these conditions instead. 
  • Our N peg, Peg&Stop N and HD also provide perfect grip in firm sand! The loser the soil, e.g. loose sand on the beach, the bigger the pegs' thread and the longer the peg needs to be to find proper grip in the soil. Refer here to our L or LA pegs

But we wouldn't have designed the peg if it wouldn't fulfil a bigger purpose.
And with this, we are also answering our initial question: When encountering highly compacted, extremely hard and stony ground conditions during your travels you can use our Peg&Stop HD since it covers these last 5% of the toughest grounds out there.
To be able to drill into these grounds or hard standings, we advise using an impact driver or extremely powerful electric drill (with high torque settings).
Please stay aware that all our other pegs come with a recommend torque setting and that they only need little force to find their way into the ground!

Rounding off our screw peg range

With the Peg&Stop Heavy Duty we are truly rounding off our screw peg range. To be able to use force and being durable when drilling into these tough grounds, the peg needed to be designed using this new material. It is made from recycled marine grade stainless steel, making it also resistant to corrosion.
The peg lives up to its name as well; it is intended for 'heavy duty' purposes, and it is also very 'heavy', with one peg weighing 143g :D

The concept convinces

Not only our customers love that we answered their needs with the Peg&Stop HD, but also the concept of the new material with the newly designed lock nut 2.0 convinces: The Peg&Stop Heavy Duty won the 3rd place with the European Innovation Awards of 2023!

"The award is a coveted award for manufacturers and suppliers of motorhomes, vans, caravans or accessories. Initiated and supported by the editors of Europe’s leading caravanning countries, the European Innovation Award stands for innovation in an industry dedicated to the quality of leisure of millions of people."

We are very proud and thank every Peggy fan & camper for their continues support.

Summing Up

The Peg&Stop Heavy Duty is with its material novel to the Peggy product range and with its lock nut 2.0 we combine our hook and counter pressure concept making it super versatile.
But grip doesn't come from material or length, but rather from the design of the thread, which is also why the new Peg&Stop HD will never replace our other pegs, as each of them have their advantages and purposes that either cannot be covered by this peg or it would simply suffice to use one of our polyamide pegs if you know that you'll never encounter these harsh conditions anyway.